Our work takes the form of carefully constructed, highly detailed photographic tableaux. Each is based on in-depth research of the period, subject and site, but reinterpret through the eyes of contemporary (present-day) ways of seeing. A further level of complexity is introduced in magic-realist touches. Through these strategies of a temporally dislocated point of view and tropes of the fantastical we are able to reinterpret and critique each subject.

As with history painting, each image is an intricate story. The themes we explore include the sensuality that lies beneath the coolest exterior; the hypocrisy of the pious; the corruption of the powerful; the violence seething below the veneer of civilisation; the calamities that befall the most rational plans. We explore and celebrate the diversity of humanity across age, gender, sexual orientation and cultural background presenting the chaos of interactions in aesthetically sophisticated but narratively unexpected ways.

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